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Salman Khan Hit and Run Case

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case

The December 2015, Bombay High Court decision in the 2002 Salman Khan hit and run case clearing him of all charges, reversing the trial court verdict against the “star” accused, is not only a travesty of justice based on the facts of the case and as detailed in the Rana Ayub  article below, but is a gross violation of the principle of equality. The haste in which the appeal was heard, based only on identity of the person involved, is worrying and disturbing, in a scenario where the average pendency of criminal cases in Bombay High Court is just over 13 years (DAKSH, database). Speedy disposal of cases which are based only on the VIP or star identity of the persons involved in the case is in itself a travesty of justice, the merits of the case aside. The common people remain unheard, languishing for years before their appeals are taken up or disposed.

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