Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Justice Ashok Kumar

  • Name of Judge: Justice Ashok Kumar
  • Rank: Additional Judge
  • Court: High Court of Chennai
  • Analysis/Comment/Critique:
    The case of Judge Ashok Kumar of Madras who was formerly a session’s judge and has been given a permanent position in the Chennai High Court by the Chief Justice of India in February 2007 is horrifying. When the complaints were levelled against him of corruption, an inquiry report by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) gave an even more horrendous report against him. But all the reports were ignored and he was promoted to the High Court. This happened due to the political pressure from the Central Government, as the judge was close to DMK government (now ruling party of the State) and DMK government threatened to withdraw support from the UPA government. So it is due to that, that the law minister asked the CJI to give extensions and finally made Ashok Kumar a High Court judge.
  • Additional documents in support of critique:Petition on the appointment of Justice A.Kumar – pdf (51.6 KB)
    SC order on Justice A.Kumar’s case- pdf (7.9 KB)
    Are CJIs following rules in appointment of Judges?-)pdf (6.93 KB)
    Justice Ashok Kumar appoinment chalenged- pdf (10.0 KB)
  • Details of individual / organisation writing critique:
    Name: Committee on Judicial Accountability
    Address: 66 Lawyers Chambers, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi
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